What we provide

Gas Safety Services – Gas Detection, Monitor & Safety Services.

H2S Safety Supervisors – Gas safety, Fire Watch and Confined Space Entry.

Experienced in drilling, completions, turnarounds, wireline operations and confined space entry. Each H2S Specialist has undergone an extensive orientation and training program.

Gas Detection

Otis (Gen 2) and Ray (Mesh Guard) gas detection type equipment.

Equipment Air Breathing Trailers

  • 4000 cu. ft. of compressed breathing air.
  • 4 – thirty minute S.C.B.A. with spare cylinders.
  • 6 – S.A.B.A. with five minute egress cylinder
  • Two stage high pressure regulators.
  • 300′3/8″ approved breathing hoses.
  • 700′1/4″ approved breathing hoses.
  • 2 – six outlet low pressure manifold.
  • Briefing area and H2S warning signs.
  • 1-20lbs Fire Extinguisher.
  • 2 – Muster Signs 1 & 2.
  • 2 – Danger H2S Signs/High Pressure Signage.
  • Ignition safety flares with hand held flare pistol.
  • H2S and SO2 detection tubes with handheld pump detector.
  • Wind socks.
  • Complete cleaning kit.


Medical Services

BC Services:

OFA 3 – Basic First Aid EMR – Basic Life Support Medic PCP – ACP  – Paramedic and Advanced Paramedic Level

Alberta Services:

OFA 3 – Basic First Aid EMR – Basic Life Support Medic EMT – EMT-P  – Paramedic and Advanced Paramedic Level

A definition of these levels of training is provided on the Medics page, and the required levels of services for BC and ALBERTA are also provided.

Medics Primary Site Responsibilities


Medics will be prepared for all medical emergencies at all times and will ensure their plans, equipment, communications and transportation is ready.

Medical Emergency Response Planning
  • Phoenix creates a dynamic Medical emergency response plan (ERP) for each site and registers with STARS or other support networks and routinely ensures the information is kept up to date and Phoenix also creates a transportation plan, driving or air.
  • Phoenix trains their onsite supplied drivers in operations of the vehicle, driving systems, emergency response, the ERP, transportation plan and communications.
  • Phoenix creates a communication plan as required by BC OH&S requirements and trains all necessary staff in its implementation.
  • Phoenix conducts emergency drills to engage participant, test the plans and allows site personal to become familiar with emergency procedures and it also instills confidence in the emergency system. Phoenix will corrects any gaps identified in the drill critique.
  • Medics will also complete and maintain the prime contractor site safety plans as requested.

Secondary Services

Gate/Site control and Health and Safety Assistants.
  • Phoenix medics will perform gate duty / site security
  • Log site visitors, record their safety and trade tickets / certifications. Immediate notification of deficiencies or non compliance, suspicious behavior, wildlife sightings and submit requested reports
  • Provide Company and or Site Orientations including enforcing PPE requirements and enabling you to take a proactive approach to your safety program.
  • Participate in safety meetings, site hazard identification and site record keeping programs entering data into data base systems.
  • Track material safety data sheets – determine chemicals present on the site, prepare for first aid events and emergency response to these chemicals, check for updated MSDS and identify these hazards to all oncoming site personal.
  • Phoenix medics will participate in all site emergency drills
  • Follow all Phoenix Health and Safety program requirements, all prime contractor identified H&S requirements and provincial requirements – for instance  being available within the correct time frame and  will follow all Phoenix and Prime Contractor Health and Safety program requirements and assist as a safety assistant.
  • Completing (BC) First aid assessment worksheets.


Working Alone Procedures
  • Medics will assist with working alone or remote tracking systems monitoring


  • Medics will conduct monthly fire safety inspection of well site accommodations and provide a comprehensive report to site managers to keep them in compliance with BC Fire Safety and BC Building code requirements.

Medical Coordination System

Medical Coordination

Phoenix works with the client to assess the requirements of the site or sites and creates a medical emergency assessment sheet. This allows for the best medical coverage without duplicating services. Phoenix provides all levels of service from (BLS) basic life support to (ALS) advanced life support.Phoenix will work with you to provide the required and or best emergency response set up. We can also organize large projects or multiple sites to ensure the required services are supplied and any duplication of services is eliminated.


Office & First Aid Trailers



Alcohol and Drug Testing Emergency Management Systems