Alcohol and Drug Testing


Alcohol and Drug Testing

  • We provide on site Alcohol and Drug testing. These services are best for, random, reasonable suspicion and post-incident cases.
  • Phoenix uses Oral fluid samples, this non invasive method can be initiated by phoenix staff that are trained by the supplying company. There is an initial indication of results followed up by quantitative result, determined in a lab within a number of days.
  • The cost of random testing is a small fraction of the cost of drug users on the payroll and so the ROI on random drug testing is enormous. Two impressive cases of how successful a Random Test can be are:

    1.  A Fortune 100 company realized over a $20MM savings by virtually  eliminating drug users on the payroll over a 3-year period.
    2.  A 100-employee construction company using oral fluid drug testing reduced
    (the preeceding information above is from Orapoint)

  • their accident rate from 19% to 0% over a 3-year period.Statistics supports the findings of the above examples.  According to data, on average, 10% of all employees use drugs and each drug user costs the employer $10,000.  These costs are spread over a number of areas to the corporation’s expense line including: turnover & absenteeism, on-the-job  accidents, employee theft, health care cost utilization, etc.


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