Phoenix has an in depth recruitment system that results in medics with the highest level of skills and abilities. Our medics are second to none.

Phoenix look at your employees as the most valuable assets on a job site, we provide the best to ensure you can rest at night knowing you are covered. We don’t rely on phrases or “the in words” our management staff are professional emergency planners and managers with 28 years of experience. Our protocols and standards are how we operate, not just a book on the shelf. Our medics are hand selected and have years of emergency response experience and our equipment is second to none.

 In order to get the best we offer our employees:

  • Competitive day rates based on experience and training
  • Schedule flexibility to fit with your needs
  • Comprehensive company orientation and field training
  • Education bursaries for continuing EMS education
  • Bonuses
  • Staff accommodations
  • Travel Pay
  • Living out allowances
  • Group Health Benefits

All of this is in order to retain the best medics and develop their skils through a life long learning approach.



Phoenix’s Paramedics are fully qualified medics. Some have or are working towards higher levels of training. Many work with BC/Alberta, or other Ambulance Service or other emergency response organizations such as Search and Rescue, Fire Departments, and alike. This is how they manage to keep their skills up to date and operational ready to respond.

Our Paramedics work within their scope of practice as a Paramedic under the direction of our Medical Director. We have advanced protocols that include; pain management, cardiac arrest, diabetic shock and anaphylaxis. When using our Paramedic services our MTC’s are stocked according to those medical directives.

Our Medics are able to provide other services on site to assist you with health and safety. They conducted site orientations for visitors, safety sign-ins and general safety tasks, personal protective equipment enforcement, ensuring all visitors and contractors have the correct qualifications and tickets, perform hazard assessments, conduct site safety tours to identify hazardous conditions enabling you to take a proactive approach to your safety program.