New Job – Medics & Drivers


Medic Requirements:

  • Have a valid level 3 or WorkSafe BC accepted equivalent first aid certificate;
  • Have a minimum of one year of work experience as a first aid attendant;
  • Be prepared to fly in small aircraft;
  • Be prepared to use a helicopter as an ETV.

Driver Requirements:

  • Have a valid Class 5 British Columbia Driver’s License or equivalent with proven experience driving on forest service roads;
  • Have a valid OFA 1 with Transportation Endorsement or WorkSafe BC accepted equivalent first aid certificate.

All Employees must:

  • Complete the online “ Privacy and Information Sharing: Awareness Training for Contractors and Service Provider course;
  • Have a copy of your initial S-100 Basic Fire Suppression and Safety ticket and in subsequent years, the S100A refresher ticket;
  • Have a S185 Fire Entrapment Avoidance ticket;
  • Be cleared for physical activity through the completion of a -PAR-Q;
  • Maintain a professional appearance including dress and personal cleanliness;
  • Possess a smart phone with data coverage;
  • Provide their own PPE to OH&S Regulation and a whistle;
  • Be prepared to stay in remote camps for periods of 14 days in all weather conditions with limited amenities such as tent sleeping and rain gear;
  • Be prepared for potential encounters with wildlife.

Applicants will send a resume, including all required tickets to 

Successful applicants will be provided access to the Phoenix online self-paced Forestry Medic/Driver training system.

The Ministry of Forests has changed a number of requirement for the 2019 fire season including a requirement for all contractors to supply a complete list of employees with all their certifications prior to 1st July 2019. No new employees will be allowed after this deadline so it is crucial to get your applications and all required certificates submitted to Phoenix ASAP.

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