Phoenix adds 2 more vehicles to their Fleet 2014

Phoenix has 2 added 2 more F350 Trucks and MTCs



Phoenix’s managers conduct routine site inspections evaluating emergency readiness levels and liaison with site managers.

Equipment Requirements

There are very specific regulations for the required first aid equipment for basic first aid services. The advanced levels required increased levels of specialized equipment, supplies and a medical director. At Phoenix we provide all of our advanced care providers with the required equipment to work to their highest skill levels. Ensure when you are choosing your medical services provider, they provide more than a trained responder.


Phoenix has a fleet of professionally maintained 1 ton 4×4 diesel and gas trucks. All MTC are OH&S and CMVSS compliant.

Phoenix can proved ETV,s (emergency Transport Vehicles) Industrial ambulances and Mobile Medical Treatment Centers.
We can also provide stationary first aid stations or dressing stations, or trailer first aid or dressing stations/office.

Phoenix’s Medics offers Site Offices and First Aid Trailers


Industry standards

Following are the regulations and guidelines from Worksafe BC regarding first aid.

Phoenix will use these and other references to asses the needs of each job site.

Worksafe BC guidelines


OCCUPATIONAL FIRST AID – Enacted March 30, 2004

3.14 Definitions
3.15 First aid attendant qualifications
3.16 Basic requirements
3.17 First aid procedures
3.17.1 Air transportation
3.18 Communication and availability
3.19 First aid records
3.20 Multiple employer workplaces
3.21 First aid attendant responsibilities
Schedule 3-A Minimum levels of first aid

OCCUPATIONAL FIRST AID – Added March 30, 2004

G3.14 to G3.20 First aid guidelines for employers
G3.14 First aid attendant certification, qualifications and general responsibilities
G3.16 First aid assessment
G3.17 Developing and implementing first aid procedures
G3.17(1)-1 Implementing an early defibrillation program in the workplace [Withdrawn November 1, 2010]
G3.18(1) Communications
G3.18(2) Availability of first aid attendant
G3.19 First aid records
G3.20 Multiple employer workplaces
G3.21 Suspension and cancellation of first aid certificates


Assigned hazard rating list
Types of first aid attendants and training programs
First aid kits: Recommended minimum contents
First aid facilities: Recommended minimum criteria
Emergency vehicles and equipment